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Tuesday, September 14, 2021 Review: It Is Scam Or Paying? Read Our Review

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Looking for new investments for your business? List your company with and get a chance to come into fold – become a part of the exclusive portfolio! AktosInvest is both intended for everyday people who want to take up trading, and experienced professionals alike. By diversifying our investor pool, chosen companies can only benefit from tapping into that undiscovered potential. The due diligence process takes time, since we want to include only proven companies that show a promising growth potential. Key Points

Min Investment2000.00 USD
Min WithdrawN/A
Avg. Refer Rate3 Level Refer System 10% 8% 4%
Payment TypeInstant
Company TypeInvestment
Web I.P162.0.235.219
Address71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom
Email Support[email protected]
Moile Support447723157672

Investment Plan Offer By

4% Daily (360% Total)

Minimum invest amount 2000.00 USD

Maximum invest amount 50000.00 USD

2.5% Daily (150% Total)

Minimum invest amount1000.00 USD

Maximum invest amount9999.00 USD

1.5% Daily (45% Total)

Minimum invest amount20.00 USD

Maximum invest amount4999.00 USD

50% Monthly (150% Total)

Minimum invest amount1000.00 USD

Maximum invest amount50000.00 USD

40% Monthly (80% Total)

Minimum invest amount500.00 USD

Maximum invest amount999.00 USD

30% Monthly (30% Total)

Minimum invest amount10.00 USD

Maximum invest amount499.00 USD

What Does Review Say On Its Website make investing simple and easy to understand, due to the in-depth Due Diligence process. You will have all information at the click of a button, neatly organized in infographics. We’ve done the heavy lifting so that you can start investing as soon as possible.

Funds can be deposited through our trustee and fiduciary services, provided by European Digital trust KB, a Trust Company Registered in Sweden as a Professional Trustee N.969790-9860. Whilst Cryptocurrencies go through CoinPayments. Simply go to the DEPOSIT section on your account and follow the instructions.

For a complete list of fees go to Fees page. The Cancelation functionality allows you to exit from an active investment and get your initial capital back. Please, pay attention that involves further costs for the company, please visit the Fees section to find your more.

This Special Features Found At Website

Secure Fund

Your funds are safely stored into the trustee and fiduciary services, provided by European Digital trust KB, a Trust Company Registered in Sweden as a Professional Trustee N.969790-9860.

Cancelation feature (deposit release)

You are free to cancel your investment anytime before the project term. No need to provide reasons.

High Yield

The company offers a wide portfolio of different projects with returns from 30% p.m. with monthly payments.

3 Levels up to 10% 8% 4%

Grow your team with the , with 4 different Tiers available Entrepreneur, Agent, Distributor or Business Partner.

VIP projects available and tailored to investor’s needs

They provide VIP tailored plans based on investor’s needs, contact us to find out more.

10% direct referral for selected leaders

For real Entrepreneurs that want to grow with the company they offer 10% direct referral and 3,000$ as bonus on achievements.

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Lixu Is Very Old Author At Hyipstation . He Lost So Much Money At Online Investment And He Think From Now No Body Loss Money From Here . He Start Writing Article To Alert About Risk Of Online Investment Program .
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