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Artyfact Airdrop Review: Also earn 7 Points for Each Referral

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About Artyfact Airdrop

Artyfact is a revolutionary NFT Metaverse with marketplace integration. With Artyfact, you can exhibit, collect, buy and sell NFTs, create metaworlds and play NFT games. Artyfact is airdropping a total of 100,000 ARTY to users who complete simple social tasks. Sign up for the airdrop and complete simple tasks to earn points. The top 5 participants will get 4,000 ARTY each, the next top 50 participants will get 1,000 PARTY each. Another 100 random participants will get 100 ARTY each and the top 3 referrers will get 10,000 ARTY each.

Token NameAqarchain Airdrop
PlatformBinance Smart Chain
Total Value100,000 ARTY
Airdrop End2022-02-07
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the Artyfact airdrop page.
  2. Submit your details and sign up.
  3. Now complete the tasks to earn points.
  4. Also earn 7 points for each referral.
  5. Submit your BSC wallet address.
  6. The top 5 participants will get 4,000 ARTY each, the next top 50 participants will get 1,000 PARTY each.
  7. A total of 100 random participants will get 100 ARTY each.
  8. The top 3 referrers will get 10,000 ARTY each.

Powered by Unreal Engine

Artyfact is the first metaverse built using Unreal Engine. The advanced technologies used in this game engine gives users a whole new level of detail and immersion in the virtual world.

Millions of metaworlds

A variety of metaworlds will satisfy even the most creative demands. It can be NFT galleries, cities, or anything you want. Create spaces that can’t be found in the real world.

Buy, rent, create, sell

Users can not only rent or buy existing metaworlds, but also create their own metaworlds using “constructor”. Created metaworlds also can be leased or sold to other users.

Marketplace integration

Thanks to NFT marketplace integration, metaworlds can be used to buy and sell NFTs. Show your NFT collection to the world and choose which NFT(s) can be sold.

Play NFT games

Aryfact users can use metaworlds as arenas for NFT games. Games differ depending on the type of chosen metaworld. Connect and play online with your friends.

Cross-platform solution

Artyfact is a cross-platform, adaptive solution that allows user to visit NFT metaverse from any device. To enter the selected metaworld, you only need to follow the link.


To demonstrate some of the features of our metaverse, we have created several metaworlds. They can be used as NFT galleries and interactive marketplaces, arenas for NFT games, places for events, and much more. NFT marketplace integration will be added in beta version of platform. Just imagine what places you can create using the Artyfact metaverse.

$ARTY Token

$ARTY is a technical masterpiece that combines the latest tech and algorithms from the cryptocurrency world. It’s used as the internal currency and governance token on the Artyfact platform. You can use it to pay for any platform services, receive rewards by staking $ARTY, get premium privileges and vote on proposed improvements to the Artyfact platform.

Build on BSC$

ARTY is a BEP-20 token build on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain, thus ensuring high transaction processing performance, low network fees, and high reliability.

Use for payment

$ARTY is used as the internal currency on the Artyfact platform. You can use it to pay for any platform services such as Aftyfact subscription plans, promotion services, and much more.

Govern the Artyfact

Decentralization is the center of the Artyfact ideology. That’s why the future of Artyfact is in the hands of $ARTY token holders. All changes to the Artyfact will be voted in through $ARTY governance.

Rewards for staking

Stake $ARTY and get rewards. The reward pool distributes funds to $ARTY stakers quarterly in proportion to the number of tokens in their wallets.


Artyfact’s smart contract include a token-burning function. It allows the total number of tokens in circulation to be reduced, thus putting deflationary pressure on $ARTY.


Additional benefits are available to $ARTY staking participants such as discounts on Artyfact services, participation in lotteries, private events, and much more.

Offline NFT exhibitions

In cooperation with our partners, they will organize a series of exhibitions around the world to show off the Artyfact metaverse in physical reality. Artyfact offline exhibitions are a new exhibition format that gathers state-of-the-art visualization technologies in one place to maximize the visitor’s immersion in the NFT universe.

Augmented reality

A special augmented reality (AR) section at Artyfact offline exhibitions will allow visitors to see three-dimensional NFTs in real space through their devices’ cameras.

Virtual reality

The virtual reality (VR) zones will take guests to the Artyfact metaverse, where they can walk through different metaworlds wearing VR glasses.

Master classes

At exhibitions, guests can attend master classes by well-known NFT artists who will share their techniques of creating NFTs. The programme also provides a question-and-answer session.

Live NFT auctions

At offline exhibitions, visitors will be able to participate in live auctions, where they can buy specially selected rare NFTs. At the auction you will be able to meet the authors of the NFTs.

DJ sessions

As night falls, the exhibition space will become home to an experimental fusion of music and digital art. Sensual rhythms, creative installations, and video projections will take guests to an immersive musical world.

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