Byepix Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam Ico?

Byepix Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam Ico?

About Byepix Ico

In addition to developing the Most Exclusive Web-3 Based Super-Metaverse, Byepix is also a Technological Laboratory, developing three separate protocols, one of which is the Layer 2 Metaverse Inter-Connection Protocol, which functions as a bridge connecting all metaverses.

Token Basic Information

Token NameByepix Ico
Token SymbolEPIX
Ico Price$0.180000
Token For Sale100,000,000 EPIX
Soft Cap$6,112,500
Personal Cap50-4000$
Fundraising Goal$24,450,000
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The Main Features of Byepix

1) The Most Exclusive Web3-Based Byepix Super-Metaverse Platform,

This Platform integrates multiple Blockchain Technologies such as Virtual Life, Play2Earn, NFT, DeFi, GameFi, MetaFi, SoFi, DAO, and many more.

2) Byepix Super-Metaverse Application & Layer 2 Protocol (BSMAP),

While Byepix is developing its very own Super-Metaverse Platform rapidly, it is also proud to present its plan to the world to improve the Technological Future, which is known as Blockchain.

Byepix has achieved the mile pile of accomplishments that symbolizes its maturity.

As a result, Byepix is now ready to reveal its plan, which is about improving Blockchain technology, Byepix is now expanding into a Blockchain Lab, and it has started working on 3 different protocols, one of which is the Layer 2 Protocol known as the BSMA (Byepix Super-Metaverse Application) Protocol, which will be integrated into Byepix’s Metaverse Blockchain Network.

The goal of the BSMA (Byepix Super-Metaverse Application) Protocol is to break the limitations of the primitive Blockchain and provide definitive solutions for problems like scaling, communication, and segregation within and between the Metaverses. Byepix will function as an interconnected bridge, or the Internet, so to speak, connecting users to one another and projects to business owners or to other projects within and between all Metaverses.

Metaverse = Experience

Thanks to this Protocol, people will feel the Augmented Reality Experience even more real and deeper in the Metaverses. Also, the Projects and Business owners will benefit highly from reaching all the Metaverse Users around the world. This means all the New or Existing Metaverse Projects are going to be able to use this protocol to overcome the limitations of the Blockchain and maximize their use of the Metaverse Blockchain. Byepix’s SMAP Layer 2 Protocol Will Make Byepix the Solana and Polkadot of the Metaverses.

What about the other two Protocols being developed by Byepix? -They’re so much more fun….

3) Metaversification Protocol

This Protocol will be used in the Creation Platform and will allow Users Simply to Build Entire Metaverses, Games, and all their assets with a couple of clicks.

4) The P2E Protocol (The Game Converting Machine)

This Protocol is a Technological Solution that allows all existing or new games to be converted Simply to Play-To-Earn Games within hours. This protocol will be used in the Byepix Game Platform within the Byepix Super-Metaverse Environment. The game platform brings all blockchain-based games that are part of its framework under one roof and ensures that these games support the P2E Protocol.

Advanced Technologies that Byepix brings to the table

  1. BSMA (Byepix Super-Metaverse Application) Protocol,
  2. Byepix Metaversification Protocol,
  3. Byepix P2E Protocol4. The Byepix Super-Metaverse Platform,
  4. The Game Platform,
  5. Byepix Gamification Contract,
  6. Virtual Life/Metaverse,
  7. DeFi,
  8. Game-Fi,
  9. Byepix ICO Staking,
  10. Byepix Staking,
  11. Byepix Yield Farming,
  12. Byepix Swap,
  13. 3D Builder,
  14. Metaverse Blockchain,
  15. NFT Marketplace,
  16. NFT Swap,
  17. NFT Staking,
  18. NFT Search,
  19. Zero Fee NFT Creation & Listing,
  20. Lottery,
  21. Prediction,
  22. SocialFi,
  23. DAO.

How it works:

After the first listing, vesting periods will be activated. Then, when the Vesting (30/90/180 days) ends, the Maximum Profit Program of the ICO will add the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to the vesting days from the beginning of the ICO to the moment the Investor Purchased. And release the tokens at the very unique moment to be Traded.


The Purpose of Byepix “Our purpose is to develop applications and protocols that will bring WEB 3.0 innovations together for the benefit and comfort of humanity.”

The Mission of Byepix “To produce sectoral solutions by creating a Super-Metaverse with the Byepix Virtual Star System.” It will do so by Developing Protocols to provide solutions for Blockchain scaling problems to make Metaverse Environments safer, cheaper, faster, and more connected/interconnected, as well as implementing these WEB 3.0 protocols into VR, AR, and Web XR systems.

Short-term / Mid-term goals,

Gaming Platform v1.0 Legal Opinion: During the ICO Roadmap V2 Byepix NFT Marketplace (95% Completed) Byepix Swap Publishing the Gems Hunter on Android Play Store and Apple App Store Listing Nov, 10 Listing price goal $5 Top 5 Exchange Listing

Mid-term Goals:

Metaverse Blockchain Super Metaverse – Super Metaverse Protocol and Application Gaming Platform V2 Alfa (With P2E Protocol) NFT Swap DAO’s 3D Creations NFT Free Listing Byepix Earn Platform

$EPIX Token

We’ve created an exciting ecosystem around the $EPIX token, which will operate as the center of all Byepix Platforms and the entire Super-Metaverse. Every day, we come up with new possible use cases for the $EPIX token.

That is why we are excited to launch the $EPIX token ICO.

You can Purchase $EPIX tokens with USDT, BNB, BUSD, and ETH.

Maximum Profit Program

The Maximum Profit Program is designed to keep the price after the listing stable and to let it climb upwards.

Tokens will not be released all at once. $EPIX Tokens will be released every day, at different times and non-simultaneously.

Byepix Web3.0 Engineers discovered this technique to keep the circulation supply low by sending the tokens in a locked manner to the wallets. Even though tokens are locked, investors can Stake and Unstake their tokens.

This prevents pump and dump, and by keeping circulating supply under control, we simply allow prices to rise naturally, allowing every investor to profit from their investments.

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