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The investment platform allows you to earn a solid passive income in an adequate time frame. By investing in the gaming business, you are bound to win. It’s not news that the online gaming industry is flourishing. People prefer easy access to difficulties involved with reaching physical casinos. This is why EvolveBet has decided to focus on the gambling industry.

EvolveBet is an investment platform that raises funds to launch and promote different online services related to online gambling. It’s an extremely profitable business, so it’s a win-win situation for the platform, team members, and investors. To be more precise, EvolveBet has been created specifically to promote the gaming online platform UpUpBet. It’s a project that they are very passionate about as it is already generating a profit and they are proud of the way it gets optimized every time.

EvolveBet Key Points

Min Investment50 USDT; 0.00112 BTC; 0.016 ETH; 0.3 LTC; 0.078 BCH;
Min Withdraw25 USD; 0.0005 BTC; 0.01 ETH;0.01 LTC; 0.02 BCH
Avg. Refer Rate4% – 1% – 0.5%
Payment TypeManual (up to 24 hours)
Company TypeInvestment
I.P Address217.182.21.189
Email Support[email protected]
Address6-10 O’Connell St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Payment AcceptedBitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DashCoin, BitcoinCash, Ripple, Dogecoin, Tron

Investment Plan Offer By EvolveBet

If you are looking for a good investment option, then you may consider the project. EvolveBet offers a stable income that may reach 3.5% a day of your investments. They currently have two plans to offer to our potential investors, the Black and the Red plans.

The Black Investment Plan offers you a return of 288% on your investment (188% of pure profit) paying 1.6% every day. The minimum deposit for this investment plan is $50. The currency type can be changed depending on your preference. Depending on the budget of advertising companies and the need for investors’ money, interest payment can be changed 1-2 times a week from 1.5% to 2% but can not be less than 1.5%.

Red Investment Plan offers a total return of 126% on your investment (26% of pure profit), 21% will be deposited into your account every 7 days for 6 weeks, and the minimum investment is only $300. The type of crypto-token can also be changed. Depending on the budget of advertising companies and the need for investors’ money, interest payment can be changed 1-2 times a week from 19% to 24.5%.

How The Platform Work

Become the partner and receive a guaranteed return on your profitable investment. Make a deposit on the platform and dividends will automatically be credited to your balance on the due date.


Create an account by registering on EvolveBet. Then log in again by using your login and password.


Choose a plan, invest the amount of cryptocurrency that you wish.


Get the amount of profit every 7 or 30 days. The amount of profit is stated in your chosen plan depending on your investment.

What Does Say On Its Website raise the funds to promote and optimize the online UpUpBet platform. The money that they get from investors is distributed and used wisely. They use only the cost-effective means of promoting the UpUpBet platform. To make sure investors are satisfied and calm about their earnings, they pay dividends during specific dates stated in the contract. They are open to collaborations with investors from any part of the world as they use cryptocurrency as payments.

EvolveBet PTY LTD offers different types of cryptocurrencies to invest in project so it’s more convenient for our potential investors. Online gaming is one of the most profitable industries. Thanks to its never-ending prospects, they can offer you endless opportunities to benefit from. Affiliate programs, return of investment, engaging gamblers and partners of the company – everything brings you profit. You can even earn the first investment by participating in affiliate partners and engaging more audience or investors.

Special Features Of

Payment Accept have included the following types of payment systems for ease of use: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dogecoin, Tron, Tether, Polkadot, Chainlink, Cardano, and Binance Coin.


It’s a legally licensed project, meaning the website can operate in most countries of the world. This means we get even more profit considering that more and more users from different parts of the world are engaged.

Accessibility and convenience. 

UpUpBet is a modern, useful platform with a clear interface. Users have no problems beginning their journey and start gambling. Moreover, they offer the fastest payments and withdrawals.


In the 21st century, there is nothing as important as privacy. They never sell or collect information about users. It’s not possible that they will ever be related to information leak scandals, or involved in selling data.


The customers always get nice and sweet bonuses since they have created various loyalty programs. The combination of these factors makes project a safe investment.To join group you just need to fill out the form and invest in project.Or you can opt to participate in our affiliate programs to earn a passive profit off of project.

DDOS & SSL Suport company is very committed to protecting investors’ personal data and funds. The project uses a professional DDoS protection system and an SSL certificate.

2FA Security

2FA is a security measure that can be enabled in your account profile. Turn it on and enter the generated security code every time you log in to your profile. Download the Google Authenticator app to your Android or iOS mobile device to set up two-factor authentication.

Here Is Tips To Calculate RCB

  • For Example You Deposited 1000$ And the Refback % Is 5% Than You Will Get 5% Of Deposited Amount .
  • Here Is Example – You Deposited At X Project 1000$ And We Offer 5% Refback
  • Than You Will Receive 1000×5% = 50$

Here Is Tips To Get Refback Commission

  • To Receive Referback Commission You Need To Join With Hyipstation Refer Link . Than Open Account At Investment Website . And Open Any Investment Of Your Choice . That Is All.
  • Once You Done Above Step Just Leave Your Username , Your Register Email Id , Investment Amount , Your Deposit Wallet Address Into Comment Box .
  • Once We Received Refback Request We Proceed Within 24 Hours .
  • If Customer Request Referback After 72 Hours , Than You Are Not Eligible To Receive Referback Commission From Hyipstation . So After Deposit Request Refer Back Request Before 72 Hours .

Notify Hyipstation Team About Error , Scam Project By Following Ways

  • If You Found Any Error On This Project Than You Can Inform Us By Comment Section You Can Also Email At – [email protected] . Or Fill Contact Us Form
  • If You Think This Program Is Not Paying Than Inform Us By Comment Section .
  • Need Extra Details Than Write Your Comment In Comment Box .
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Lixu Is Very Old Author At Hyipstation . He Lost So Much Money At Online Investment And He Think From Now No Body Loss Money From Here . He Start Writing Article To Alert About Risk Of Online Investment Program .
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  1. 2021-10-18 07:05
    Payments from Evolve (profit + affiliates):

    6.40 USDT

    Txid: b4f49ccbb8ebacebf318806cfcdec1adcd88a100de89353726682245cea5fc99#L0

  2. 2021-10-26 09:22
    Payment from Evolve (profit + affiliates):
    6.40 USDT
    Txid: 4b70a8e459f5568daec8fbd9a162b80b0d1739f69ad14a8ee3f430bb75284a87

  3. 2021-11-07 08:33
    Payment from Evolve (profit + affiliates):
    +6.40 USDT
    Txid: 211ce0443604bc8d9136e783c80122c8085e53c27d62fc49cc618412768d72a2


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