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Hashbon Rocket Airdrop Review: *25% Bonus for Large Purchases

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About Hashbon Rocket

Be brave and fast enough to catch HASH – it will be an early bird pass to HASHBON ROCKET starting on the 9th of September. Hashbon Rocket is the first-ever cross-chain decentralized exchange for tokens. Please welcome the Pre-Sale campaign to sit at the forefront of Hashbon Rocket to support the project.

Hashbon Rocket is giving a total of 800,000 HASH to Reddit, Twitter and Telegram bounty participants. Complete the bounty tasks and submit your details to the bounty form. The top 100 participants with the most number of stakes from each campaign will share the total bounty pool.

Token NameEverFight Airdrop
PlatformBinance Smart Chain
Total value800,000 HASH
Airdrop End2021-11-26
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Join their Telegram group and Telegram channel.
  2. Join their Twitter Bounty Telegram group.
  3. Follow them on Twitter.
  4. Register for the bounty by submitting this form.
  5. Create at least 1 quote tweet (in the Retweet section) per week of the Hashbon posts by checking one of the famous Digital Asset Exchanges to choose from and also having written the most natural comment in style like this – “it’s a really cool project / promising project / Guys @binance , when will you start working with Hashbon? / @kucoincom , will you add the Hash Token? “or any other suitable comments similar to the example.
  6. Create at least 2 tweets per week about Hash with few of these hashtags #blockchain #bitcoin  #crypto #ethereum #cryptocurrencies #fintech #defi #hashtoken #hashbon and mention @Hashbon in the post. [Post must be organic.]
  7. You must like and comment on all the posts on the official account.
  8. The post must remain active until the bounty campaign finishes.
  9. These tasks must be performed once a day.
  10. Leave a report of the completed activity in this activity form every week on Wednesday.
  11. The total pool will be distributed among the 100 users with the most stakes after the completion of the Bounty program in proportion to the number of points.
  12. For more information regarding the bounty, see this Bitcointalk thread.

How it works

Hashbon Rocket is the first cross-chain decentralised token exchange. Operating on the global crypto market since 2016, Hashbon presents an opportunity to swap any ERC-20 token for any BEP-20 one – while traditional decentralized exchanges support only intra-chain swaps. More blockchains are coming soon!

  1. HASH Token as the cornerstone of Hashbon Rocket is used for covering arbitrage fees and staking

Swap fairness is insured by single-step decentralised arbitrage

Hashbon Rocket supports EVM-compatible blockchains: currently – Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, later – Ethereum Classic, Cardano, Tron, Fantom, etc

Any HASH Token holder is eligible for an arbitrator’s role


Recently, the Ethereum blockchain has begun to operate at the limit of its bandwidth, due to which gas prices have skyrocketed. This made it very expensive for ordinary users and, as a result, caused a rapid growth in the popularity of Binance Smart Chain, and many projects have released new versions of their tokens on BSC. There is a problem: how to exchange a token issued in ERC-20 format for a token issued in BEP-20 format in a decentralized manner. Since classic DEXs like Uniswap, PancakeSwap only support exchanges within one blockchain.

  1. Ethereum operates at maximum throughput capacity. Because of this, gas prices have spiked , so it has become very expensive for ordinary users
  2. The popularity of Binance Smart Chain has increased dramatically. As a result, many projects have released new versions of their tokens on BSC
  3. There is no DeFi way to exchange ERC-20 for BEP-20 and vice versa

Proof of Stake (PoS) uses a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism where different Arbiters make decisions, and the weight of their decision is based on their HASH Token share. The greater the share in the Arbiters’ pool is, the more voting power they have, the higher their fee for a correct response is and, conversely, the higher the penalty for an incorrect one is.

Product architecture

Each chain enabling the exchange (for the first product version, these are Ethereum Mainnet and BSC) must have identical CDEX smart contracts. All data on the CDEX operations is stored in a decentralized database as arrays of structures in these contracts, and any transaction is only possible through the use of their methods.

Product vision

They create the platform based on DeFi so everyone all over the world has access to fast, user-friendly, reliable, low-cost financial services that will make their lives better and simpler Cross-chain exchange between EVM-compatible blockchains is just the first step. In the future, we see as a multifunctional DeFi platform that provides the following services:

  1. The oracle network can provide information on the prices of shares of Tesla, Apple, Google, etc. which will allow the creation of tokenized stocks of these companies.
  2. Launchpad is a crowdsale platform that will help attract investment for startups.
  3. DeFi lending in the form of issuing DeFi bonds – various companies can issue bonds using smart contracts, as well as make payments on them.
  4. Staking of HASH Tokens through arbiter nodes and third-party projects both can add rewards.
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