What Is HerityNetwork (POOP)? Complete Guide & Review About HerityNetwork

What Is HerityNetwork (POOP)? Complete Guide & Review About HerityNetwork

What Is HerityNetwork (HER)?

HerityNetwork are building a Safe investment environment for Seed Investments and an NFT marketplace based on blockchain technology, which aims to offer scalability, curation and low stable fees. HER$ is the native utility token that is used for: * Investment for processing Seed Investments ( You need to own HER$ to invest) * Low fees on the NFT marketplace for sellers ( a 25% discount on the Fees) Buy NFT on the marketplace ( implementation in progress – TBD in Q3)

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameHerityNetwork
Short NameHER
Total Supply100,000,000
Max Supply100,000,000
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What does the Herity Network plan to do?

They are building an environment for Seed Investments, NFT marketplace based on blockchain technology and to give back some of our profits to Charity, Herity Network’s token: $HER is a BINANCE SMART CHAIN cryptocurrency. A 8% sell transaction fee goes to charity system and buyback/manual burns.

What Utility will $HER actually have?

The Herity Network’s token utility will be a game changer. Our vision, values and crypto business model, and Charity sharing, make different from other Crypto projects, which leads us to our Project motto ‘’ Herity Network wants to help the little.

How can I use my $HER Tokens?

SEED Investment

Are you Sick and Tired of Venture Capital Investors getting in super early on Crypto Start-ups? Have you had enough of getting into ICOs that are being dumped, rug-pulled or scammed? The Herity Network Ecosystem provides you the chance to invest at the SEED Stage on vetted, checked, audited and legal projects. Herity Network provides a perfect investment opportunity to all of the $HER holders (no matter how many $HER you have). All the new crypto projects will be listed by individuals that need help.

NFT Market place

‘OMG…really ?!?!…I was looking at this NFT a few months back, why I didn’t get in !?!?’
We asked ourselves the same question. Herity Network project plans to put on sale awesome NFTs from world renowned artists at affordable prices. No need to pay extra on other platforms, Herity Network has your back! This can be done with the HER$ token.

NFT Recruiting and Auction

‘Yeah… but how can I buy NFTs from new artists before they skyrocket?’ That’s the thing, Herity Network will allow ANYONE who has designing skills, photography skills, painting/drawing skills to become an NFT artist. They will help them to mint their NFTs on 3-5 blockchains, then list them to be auctioned on Platform, so everyone has a chance to buy an NFT for a couple of dollars in HER$ tokens.

Crypto Store

Another fun thing is that you can use your $HER tokens to buy Crypto Clothes, like Hoodies, T-shirts, Caps and many other customized things. Do you want an Elon Musk T-Shirt with a Crypto Message? They got it! Do you want Vitalik’s face saying something crazy? They got it! Any other crazy stuff? They got it! The most important thing is that ALL profits made will be donated, they will NOT keep any.

Real NGO for Real Charity

There are a lot of Crypto projects out there saying that they are charities, but usually it turns out that everything is fake. They, at Herity Network, are taking this very seriously and we wish to be transparent for ALL charity donations that will be made. Therefore, we will have an NGO that will cover any type of donation in a transparent way.

Will it dump?

The team brought out some ‘secret weapons’ for the dumps not to occur: Vesting for Team: 8.33% release per month (12 months). Presale Vesting: 25% release per month (4 months). Presale Pricing: not that big of a difference between Presale 1: 0.025$, Presale 2: 0.035$, Listing 0.045$ pricing all equivalent in BNB BEP20. Referrals and Bonuses: 6 Months vesting NO whales, the max. buying price in presales is 5000$ equivalent in BNB Binance Smart Chain BEP20. 8% Sell Fee goes to: 4% for charity system; 4% unique manual burn wallet.

So how can trust you, it all seems too Good to be True

Due to regulations, they cannot influence you in any way, but it’s really up to your personal decisions when investing in Crypto Projects. How do we know all that? Because we have a Legal Company backing the Herity Network project. You can find us on Google or local State websites as well as on the EU Licensed Companies (Herity Network S.R.L.). The team is fully doxed, you can easily identify us on LinkedIn and Google.


Alexandru Macovei CEO & Legal

Adrian Petcu Development consultant

Alexandru Iacob Development consultant

Nicusor Oana CTO & Project Management

Anna Mera Head of parterships

Alexandru Antoci – CMO

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