Karate Combat Airdrop Review: Get Free RGN Tokens

Karate Combat Airdrop Review: Get Free RGN Tokens.

About Karate Combat

Karate Combat is the top striking league within combat sports. The league is designed from the ground up for the nextgeneration of fans. Karate Combat has approximately 130 exclusive fighters that compete for championship belts across10 weight classes.

Karate Combat will be the first sports league structured as a decentralized autonomous organization (“DAO”). The $KARATE token governs the DAO, and Karate Combat’s founders have pledged to give half of the tokens away for free to fans and athletes over time.

Karate Combat is airdropping free KARATE tokens to new users. Visit the airdrop page and submit your email to register for the airdrop. Eligible users will get free KARATE in December.

Token NameKarate Combat Airdrop
Estimate ValueN/A
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the Karate Combat airdrop page.
  2. Submit your email and sign up.
  3. You will get free KARATE tokens.
  4. The rewards will be distributed in December.


elevision audiences for traditional sports leagues are aging.i Some surveys indicate a “dramatic reduction in sports fandom in Generation Z”.ii Nearly half of NFL fans aged 18 to 34 prefer watching highlights to full games. This preference stands in stark contrast to the viewing habits of older fans, and it threatens the television rights ecosystemthat supports traditional sports economies. iii However, less superficial studies uncover a more complex reality. Younger fans demonstrate markedly different – and inmany cases deeper – engagement patterns that provide massive opportunities for fast-moving sports formats.

A recent study by Nielsen and LaLiga Tech shows that nearly half of fans under the age of 34 prefer to watch sports on their phone. They further observe that ubiquitous mobile social streaming is benefitting the growth of long-tail sports formats.iv Younger generations grew up with social media and gaming culture, and they expect a different level of access, participation and interactivity. For instance, 28% of Americans aged 21 to 34 bet on sports at least once a month.

This compares to 10% for Americans aged 50 to 64 and 5% for those over the age of 65.v There is a massive secular trend towards the gamification of sports content, and younger fans are leading the way. According to YPulse,39% of male fans aged 20 to 38 say that sports are only interesting when betting is involved.


Combat sports have repeatedly driven disruption in the media industry. The first broadly available sports radiobroadcast was a boxing match in New Jersey.xi The earliest big successes of the pay tv industry were fights.xii Wrestling was a #1 show at the birth of cable tv.xiii And today, combat sports’ quick, action-packed format is proving exceedingly popular with younger fans. x

Up Only Gaming

Today, the league is announcing that it is the first professional sports league transitioning to a DAO, governed by a cryptographic token on the Hedera and Ethereum networks. The league was sold earlier this year to the Sensei Foundation, and in December 2022 Karate Combat is launching the $KARATE token. Karate Combat and its founder shave pledged to give half of the tokens away for free to fans and athletes over time.

The $KARATE token governs the DAO. The $KARATE token can also be used to access the league’s new Up Only Gaming smart contract application. Holders of the $KARATE token can use the league’s smart contracts, web apps and mobile apps to pick their favorite fighters and boost their potential prize pools, above and beyond their contracted pay. In contrast to sports gambling, holders who pick winning fighters earn additional tokens from modest token issuance with no risk of loss. Over time the league should be controlled by the most active, informed fans and the best fighters. Up Only Gaming.

Ownership Structure

Earlier this year, the league was sold in its entirety to Sensei Foundation, a Cayman Islands foundation company (the“Foundation”) and a subsidiary of Sensei Foundation BVI, a purpose trust established in the British Virgin Islands to promote the Karate Combat league and the sport of karate (the “Purpose Trust”).The Purpose Trust and its subsidiaries will function as the mechanism for a committee of independent trustees to review

And execute governance decisions made by $KARATE holders on issues such as $KARATE token distribution, intellectual property licensing, budget approval, the selection of contributor teams, grant and bounty distribution and marketing strategy. In contrast to the Purpose Trust, the Foundation does not act on binding direction from the trustees. However, it has a purpose that is fully aligned with $KARATE holders, which should result in the Foundation developing the robust off-chain activities necessary for the Karate Combat league and network to thrive.

The Karate

DAO Community governance of the KarateDAO will be accomplished through a constrained delegation model inspired by Yearn and other web3 pioneers.xxi The model allows for flexibility in decision-making while allocating the ultimate authority and control of the league to $KARATE holders. $KARATE holders will delegate actions within specified domains to delegates engaged by the Foundation (“DAO Suppliers”), who, under the oversight of the DAO, are empowered to form teams of doers who are granted freedom and agency to execute essential operational tasks. The delegation of power reduces the voting burden on $KARATE holders and facilitates fluid and nimble decision-making by contributor teams, while minimizing the delay and inefficiency inherent in collaborative decision-making that plague DAOs.


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