Lasmeta Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam Ico?

Lasmeta Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam Ico?

About Lasmeta Ico

Lasmeta Ico is a VR-based Play-to-Earn Metaverse Poker Gaming Platform powered by Unreal Engine 5 on the Ethereum Blockchain. Participation in the games is completely free and trading on the marketplace can only be done with LasMeta Token. Earnings of users are paid with $LASGEM and can be converted to $LASM and transferred to wallets.

LasMeta Token (LASM) is the main management and utility token of the platform, based in Finland. The development of the project started on 10.10.2021. Metaverse poker game platform on the basis of “Virtual Reality” (VR) technology and integrated into the blockchain, where users can participate completely free of charge, earn income, own a casino, spend a lot of time and have fun.

There is also a 7000 pcs of NFT collection “Gambdeers Club” belonging to the platform. In line with various opportunities for both LasMeta Token and NFT holders, income generation mechanisms have been created.

Token Basic Information

Token NameLasmeta Ico
Token SymbolLASM
Ico Price$0.062000
Token For SaleN/A
ETH Contract0x6F66f3012E0210baBD2384e31863C30f70356237
Personal Cap250USDT ~ 2000USDT
Fundraising GoalN/A
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Decentralized Metaverse VR Poker Game Platform

LasMeta is a play-to-earn VR poker gaming platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain and powered by Unreal Engine 5. While it is possible to participate in the games for free, you can also earn income. By owning your own poker casino, you can get opportunities or privileges with the NFT collection.



Build a community-driven game that enables players to become owners/investors


Let’s choose the new games that will be released in the future together.You decide, we’ll do it!


They combine Blockchain and VR technologies and present them to the mass! With the unique VR experience, reach the heights of fun as if you are in a real poker environment!


Convert LasGems you earn from games to LasMeta Tokens send them to your wallet.


While the players are in a fun-filled competition with each other, they can also form consensus and decide together, or form a partnership and become a casino owner.


By holding Gambdeers Club (GDC) NFTs, each more valuable than the other, unique and rare, you can both shape the future of the platform and gain extra bonuses in-game winnings. NFTs always offer privileges and opportunities.


Users can earn actual profit by participating in many in-game activities: watch-to-earn, poker tournament, trading NFTs, holding $LASM and participating in platform, hosting tournaments in their own casinos, selling their analysis and predictions, participating in referral, reward, and bug report programs.

What is LasMeta Token?

LasMeta Token is the main management and utility token of the platform and was produced for the Ethereum Network in the ERC-20 protocol. Investors who lock LasMeta tokens can earn interest by staking.

What is LasMeta NFT?

“LasMeta NFT” is a 7000 piece NFT collection produced on the Ethereum Network in the ERC-721 protocol and also associated with the LasMeta gaming platform. In addition to earning passive income with NFTs, users also have various privileges on the gaming platform


2021 – Q4
Team Formation
Idea & Analysis Initiation
Market Research

2022 – Q1
Project Plan
Design & Technical Spesification Initiation
Capital Structure
Strategy Planning
Development of Project Concept
Token Creation
Smart Contract Creation
Websites Launch
KYC & Audit

2022 – Q2
5000 Twitter Members
CoinMarketCap Listing
Strategic Partnerships
Announce Discord Channels
First Game Trailer

2022 – Q3
Website Update
CoinGecko Listing
Influencer Marketing
Seed Sale
Private Sale
Public Sale
Giveaways, Airdrop

2022 – Q3 Late
NFT Mint
Preparing Game Scenario
Defining Game Concept
Character Development
First Gameplay Trailer

2022 – Q4 Late
Token Listing on UniSwap v2-v3
Listing Top30 CEX

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