What Is Moonrabbit? (AAA) Complete Guide & Review About Moonrabbit.

What Is Moonrabbit? (AAA) Complete Guide & Review About Moonrabbit.

What Is Moonrabbit? (AAA)

Moonrabbit is a distributed crypto-conglomerate — (AngoZaibatsu) — constituting a system of systems (Jurisdictions), uniting all distributed ledgers and cryptocurrencies in the ultimate cross-chain protocol – a Metachain. Crypto and web3 are only the short-term foundations and instruments for the overarching Grand Mission of Moon Rabbit: to discover the secret to eternal life — whether biologically or digitally — and to enable humanity to transcend the known dimensions and experience new worlds and states of consciousness.

Under the leadership of crypto-native serial investopreneur Angel Versetti, we build upon the best practices of Longevity (Radical Aging Therapy & Genomics) and Cryptographic Distributed Systems (Substrate, Web3 & Bitcoin philosophy) to achieve the Mission. Jurisdictions may pursue their own endeavours, ventures and visions, unrelated to Longevity, while the core network of Moon Rabbit builds scalable incentive models and web3 infrastructure to accelerate Longevity R&D.

Coin Basic Information
Coin Name Moonrabbit
Short Name AAA
Circulating Supply8.89B AAA
Total Supply8,888,888,888
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Moon Rabbit has built the world’s first Metachain, a system connecting all blockchains and distributed protocols, permitting seamless transfers of any digital assets or data.


Moonrabbit mother chain is powered by Temples that secure and validate multiple Jurisdictions, unique distributed ledgers and protocols in parallel, allowing specialisation and massive scalability.


Public SDKs, open-source toolkits, APIs and documentation permit launching of own blockchain and cryptocurrency within minutes. Temples assure interoperability and security from launch.


Moon Rabbit’s Jurisdictions are launched by enthusiastic web3 entrepreneurs and builders. The backers offer them investment and hyperacceleration, boosting the use-cases and adoption.


Moonrabbit eco-friendly Distributed Proof of Stake model uses game-theoretic models of financial security, rewards and punishments, protecting both the Mother Chain and individual Jurisdictions.


Built upon the philosophy of self-sovereignty, censorship-resistance and inclusivity pioneered by Bitcoin, while vastly superior technologically, Moon Rabbit empowers its community to steer progress.

Moon Rabbit’s Fundamental Particle

The AAA token is a multi-functional digital particle that performs the following roles:

Digital Fuel

Processing token transfers, data exchange and verifying the state of individual Jurisdictions incurs payment of fees to Temples. Each transaction burns part of AAA ensuring a deflationary pressure.

Building Block

Opening a Temple for staking, or rolling out a Jurisdiction requires a minimum commitment of AAA to altar. Anyone can delegate their AAA to Temple or Jurisdiction of their choice and reap rewards.

Payment Unit

Highly scalable, secure and transparent distributed Metachain of Moon Rabbit offers a valuable proposition for payment processing, with an increasing number of stakeholders accepting AAA.

Opinion Barometer

Governance mechanisms of AAA via Moon Rabbit Public Forum and Referenda enable a consultative process for the community of AAA holders to help steer the network and wider ecosystem.


Moon Rabbit is a Substrate-based distributed infrastructure that enables any type of data or digital asset transfer between any blockchains, offering full interoperability and scalability. It permits anyone to launch their own Jurisdictions with unique capabilities (blockchains, DeFi protocols, NFTs, eSports, Web3 dApps, cryptocurrencies, etc.).Jurisdictions are able to communicate with each other and to develop their own specialisations and business models, permitting cross-chain communications and process distribution. Jurisdictions may either be transparent and permissionless, or private and permissioned, making Moon Rabbit suitable both for community and enterprise applications. Thus, Moon Rabbit is a System of Systems, uniting all distributed ledgers and becoming the ultimate protocol to unite various chains at an abstract level — a Metachain.

Longevity DAO

Moonrabbit Flagship Distributed Autonomous Organisation (DAO): Accelerating Life Extension technologies through crypto and web3.0Moon Rabbit’s identity is deeply rooted in Asian mythology, where multiple legends talk about a rabbit living on the Moon and pounding the elixir of life with a mortar and pestle. Over millennia, Moon Rabbit has become associated with the search for eternal life and longevity.Thus, Longevity DAO is reviving the ancient folklore by breathing new life into it, using cutting-edge technology. Its goal is to incentivise researchers and entrepreneurs of the nascent Longevity industry through cryptocurrencies, distributed ledgers and web3.

Value Given

Longevity DAO seeks out highly promising research groups or startups working within the longevity space and offers them to use Moon Rabbit infrastructure to access crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, DeFi and distributed data repositories. It may also vote to allocate funding or other resources to accelerate their commercialisation and adoption.

Rewards Received

Moonrabbit In return, Longevity DAO acquires digital assets or tokenised intellectual property associated with individual projects or startups. These rewards are distributed to Temples of Moon Rabbit and their respective contributors of AAA to altars through DPoS. Additionally, each Longevity startup, upon commercialisation of their goods or services, will sell them for AAA exclusively, ensuring a continuous aftermarket demand for AAA.

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