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Popcorn Ico Review: Start doing Good with DeFi

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About Popcorn Ico

Popcorn Ico is a new paradigm for decentralized finance where yield-generating products simultaneously contribute to social impact. The existing financial system is one of the main causes of inequality today. Popcorn is going to change the rules of finance. In the next months, the roadmap offers multi-chain curated pools of strategies and DeFi products (on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Solana). These products generate high yield while also funding community selected social impact and non-profit organizations without any extra costs to the end user.

Popcorn bakes social and environmental impact into the very foundation of the protocol through its extractive and composable DeFi primitives and products where basis points are used to fund social impact and non-profit organizations.

Token Basic Information

Token NamePopcorn
Token SymbolPOP
Ico Price1
PlatformEthereum, Polygon Chain
Hard Cap$3,750,000
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Why create Popcorn?

A tremendous amount of value is being generated in decentralized finance (DeFi). One year ago there was about $500 million of value locked in DeFi contracts – as of today, there is over $35 billion 1 worth of value locked. That’s an increase of more than 6,900%, and that number is growing. During such a transformational time – where decentralized and disintermediated technology has reduced prices, eliminated barriers to entry, and provided unrivaled opportunity to those ushering in the new technology, a question of further directing this opportunity to the public benefit arose.

How do they capture the efficiency gains of this new decentralized paradigm and create a better world? The answer is Popcorn. By creating novel, yield-generating DeFi products, where a small fee is charged to be later shared with public benefit organizations, social good can be baked into the very foundation of a decentralized finance protocol without introducing any additional friction or extraordinary cost to the end user. Users of Popcorn would benefit from unique yield-generating products at a cost comparable to existing solutions while contributing to social-impact initiatives for the public benefit.

Start doing good with DeFi

Popcorn Ico Earn high yield on your cryptoassets while creating real world impact. The earnings fund social impact organizations.

How it works


Connect your Metamask wallet with Popcorn.


Deposit your crypto and choose a product or strategy.

Do well

Earn competitive returns on your crypto assets.

Do good

Choose which social impact organization you’d like to help.

Maximize your Crypto Portfolio

Popcorn offers a suite of DeFi products and hedge fund strategies for you to generate competitive returns on your crypto assets.

Create Real World Impact

The profits fund social impact organizations. Choose which initiatives you support:

  • Environment
  • Open Source
  • Education

While Remaining Carbon Neutral

Popcorn Ico calculates and neutralizes blockchain carbon emissions by partnering with carbon sequestration and negative emission projects.

How can social impact organizations apply?

Popcorn governance token (POP) holders may nominate and elect beneficiaries through a multi-step proposal process. First a beneficiary must be nominated and accepted by POP holders. After a beneficiary is accepted, it may then be awarded a grant through a separate voting process.

A successful nomination will contain financial or impact reports, a mission statement, and an Ethereum address proof of ownership. Organizations wishing to apply to become a beneficiary may contact the Popcorn Foundation for guidance at no cost.

What is PopcornDAO?

PopcornDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization of members holding Popcorn governance token (POP). They are able to vote on proposals which influence the parameters of the Popcorn smart contracts. These members are stewards of the Popcorn protocol and share the common goal of fueling the growth of the protocol, decentralizing the organization and nurturing the mission of driving social impact for the public benefit in perpetuity.

What is the Popcorn Foundation Council?

Popcorn Ico council is a group that has been granted the ability to revoke the eligibility status of a beneficiary. They are guardians which function to maintain the integrity of the system and deter malicious actors from gaining beneficiary status. The council is expected to be comprised of experts in education, medicine, public health, open source software, and the environment. Initial council members are to be chosen by the founding members. New additions and replacements to the council may be made by the existing council, or through a governance vote.

The separation of powers between the council and governance token holders can be considered similar to that of the judiciary and legislative bodies of a democratic government. Token holders elect beneficiaries and modify the parameters of open source smart contracts whereas the council ensures the elected beneficiaries adhere to the values of the charter.

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