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Singularitydao Airdrop Review: AI Powered DeFi Portfolios

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About Singularitydao Airdrop

Singularitydao Airdrop is a democratically governed Decentralized Autonomous Organization stewarding a non-custodial smart contract network. It aims to foster the growth of the decentralized networks that represent today’s most valuable and promising technological and social innovations via leveraging AI-DeFi to stimulate the growth of the utility-token ecosystem.

SingularityDAO is giving away a total of $600 worth of SDAO to three lucky participants. Sign up for the giveaway and complete the tasks to earn entries. A total of 3 participants will be randomly selected to win up to $250 worth of SDAO.

Token NameYield Protocol
Airdrop EndN/A
KYCKYC Is Not Requirement
WhitepaperClick Here To View
Max. ParticipantsUnlimited
Collect AirdropClick Here To Collect Free Airdrop

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the SingularityDAO giveaway page.
  2. Submit your details and sign up.
  3. Now complete the tasks to earn entries.
  4. A total of three participants will be randomly selected to win up to $250 worth of SDAO.

Background & Motivation

It was always aim for SingularityDAO to be governed by its users. But this requires careful design; democracy is an ideal which can and has been subverted. Representative democracy – the familiar kind where you elect a representative to speak for your interests – gets valid criticism for creating a specialised management class whose interests aren’t the same as those of the voters.

The opposite is direct democracy: where everybody votes directly on the issues with no intermediary. This is a purer way of giving people a voice, but brings a new problem: the average voter doesn’t have time to read every proposal and consider both sides in detail.

Liquid democracy combines the strengths of representative and direct democracy. Users can vote directly on proposals if they have the time and interest in doing so, or they can delegate their vote to a representative to make decisions for them. Users can take a hands-on approach and make all decisions for themselves, or they can save their time and entrust those decisions to someone else.

The SingularityDAO Governance Token (Symbol: SDAO)

The SingularityDAO Governance Token, SDAO, is an ERC-20 utility token on the Ethereum
blockchain that grants access to the SingularityDAO protocol. SDAO has utility in granting rights to participate in DAO governance voting events on the SingularityDAO protocol. Through several utility functions the SDAO Governance Token can interact with the SingularityDAO Protocol smart contracts. Those particular utility functions are:

  • To vote either FOR or AGAINST or BLANCO a SingularityDAO Governance
    Proposal through its Voting Function.
  • To create a SingularityDAO Governance Proposal.
  • To delegate one’s voting function to another wallet on the ethereum blockchain

Types of Voting Events and Turnout Criteria

There are various types of voting events that may occur in the future of SingularityDAO.
Some of these voting events may pertain to fairly standard protocol updates, whilst others
could be considered a constitutional change to the SingularityDAO protocol. At the end of
Phase 1, SingularityDAO will host a Voting Event to formalize the types of voting events and
their acceptance rates, rejection rates, blanco vote disqualifications, and turnout criteria in the SingularityDAO Constitutional Code.

Veto Deactivation Voting Event

The Veto Deactivation Voting Event can occur after Phase 5, and its sole purpose and intent is to dismantle the SingularityDAO Veto Right functionality after the maturation of the decentralized governance network has been achieved. If the Veto Deactivation Voting Event has been accepted by the community, the role of Guardian of the Singularity will be up for election 30 days after. More information on this can be found in the Guardian of the Singularity section.

Major Functional Voting Events

Major Functional Voting Events pertain to adding functionality to the SingularityDAO Protocol. Functional Voting Events will require a medium turnout criteria and a 51% majority vote.

Minor Functional Voting Events

Minor Functional Voting Events pertain to updating variables within existing features of the SingularityDAO Protocol. These events will require a lower turnout criteria than Major Functional Voting Events, and need a 51% majority vote.

Proposing Voting Events

Proposing voting events are a special type of voting event that allow the community to
request a proposal of a Constitutional or Functional Event from the team. The exact
definitions and methods of execution for these events will be proposed to the community at
the start of Phase 1.

Proposing Constitutional Voting Events

Proposing Constitutional Voting Events will need to achieve a medium turnout criteria and a 51% majority vote. In the case of a Constitutional Voting Event the SingularityDAO team will also have 60 days to create a SingularityDAO Governance Proposal, or it can exercise its Veto Right. In the case a Veto Right is exercised, the SingularityDAO team is required to publish an explanation for why it has done so.

The community may resubmit an updated Proposing Constitutional Voting Event to organize a new vote at all times, however, vetoed proposals will remain vetoed until the start of Phase 5, after which vetoed proposals may be put up for a vote once more in their original state.

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