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About is a promising international company that works with cryptocurrency and financial assets. The main goal is to make a profit for each participant in the project.
They specialize in a market where profits depend on the ability to anticipate upcoming events and their impact on assets. Thanks to a professional team of analysts and work with innovative software based on artificial intelligence, they earn several times more than competitors.

Sofever Investment team was assembled from all over the world from the best specialists in marketing, management, trading, finance and analytics. With the experience and abilities, they have built an almost perfect system for the accumulation and redistribution of funds, thanks to which investors and partners are guaranteed to receive their profits. Key Points

Min Investment$10
Min WithdrawNo Minimum Withdraw
Avg. Refer Rate5% – 2% -1%
Payment TypeInstant
Company TypeInvestment
I.P Address137.74.111.202
Payment AcceptedPerfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Ripple, Dogecoin, Tron

Investment Plan Offer By

10% daily forever Minimum: 10.00 USD Maximum: 999.00 USD

12% daily forever Minimum: 1,000.00 USD Maximum: 4,999.00 USD

15% daily forever Minimum: 5,000.00 USD Maximum: 50,000.00 USD

What Does Say On Its Website safety of financial flows is also ensured by competent risk management. Part of the funds is invested in liquid and highly profitable assets that can generate a lot of profit in a short period of time. The rest serves as a kind of anchor that allows us to close losses from high-yield investments without risks. Now the company invites you to become an investor and start building your passive income. Only by making efforts today can you ensure financial security for your tomorrow.

To become a member of the system, register. Registration is free and will take a couple of minutes. Enter your personal account by entering your username and password, select a payment system, tariff plan and open a deposit. After opening a deposit, you will automatically become a member of the system and will receive a profit from your investment.

To register, click “Register” and fill in all the required fields. To access your account, you must enter your personal account, specifying the login and password received during registration. Anyone who has reached the age of majority can become a member of the system. You can create only one account in the system. If this condition is violated, the site administration will take action.

Special Features Of Sofever Investment

Guarantee No Risk guarantee the investors the confidentiality of personal data and the safety of funds. However, remember that any investment is always associated with risk, which is proportional to the return. Therefore, they have selected the optimal ratio of profitability and risk when drawing up an investment plan.

100% Secure

Yes, the company guarantees the investors the protection and security of personal data. They do not transfer personal data of clients to third parties! The site is protected from various types of attacks, and all transmitted data is encrypted.

Affiliate Program

Yes, Sofever have prepared a generous affiliate program for you: 5%, 2%, 1%. Please note that you will receive profit from a partner only if he went to the site using your referral link, registered and created a deposit through replenishment of the account.

Professional staff

The team consists exclusively of experienced financiers, traders, managers and analysts. They are responsible for the selection of specialists.

Agreed Dividends

Sofever InvestmentAll conditions of tariff plans are clearly worked out even before you deposit money. Therefore, you always know how much you can earn.

Dynamic community

Thanks to the use of innovative system technologies and strategies, we can easily predict market behavior and earn extra money on it.

Spectacular trade use all the resources and the collected funds of investors with the maximum benefit for all participants in the system. Every dollar invested will be profitable.

Here Is Tips To Calculate RCB

  • For Example You Deposited 1000$ And the Refback % Is 5% Than You Will Get 5% Of Deposited Amount .
  • Here Is Example – You Deposited At X Project 1000$ And We Offer 5% Refback
  • Than You Will Receive 1000×5% = 50$

Here Is Tips To Get Refback Commission

  • To Receive Referback Commission You Need To Join With Hyipstation Refer Link . Than Open Account At Investment Website . And Open Any Investment Of Your Choice . That Is All.
  • Once You Done Above Step Just Leave Your Username , Your Register Email Id , Investment Amount , Your Deposit Wallet Address Into Comment Box .
  • Once We Received Refback Request We Proceed Within 24 Hours .
  • If Customer Request Referback After 72 Hours , Than You Are Not Eligible To Receive Referback Commission From Hyipstation . So After Deposit Request Refer Back Request Before 72 Hours .

Notify Hyipstation Team About Error , Scam Project By Following Ways .

  • If You Found Any Error On This Project Than You Can Inform Us By Comment Section You Can Also Email At – [email protected] . Or Fill Contact Us Form
  • If You Think This Program Is Not Paying Than Inform Us By Comment Section .
  • Need Extra Details Than Write Your Comment In Comment Box .
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Lixu Is Very Old Author At Hyipstation . He Lost So Much Money At Online Investment And He Think From Now No Body Loss Money From Here . He Start Writing Article To Alert About Risk Of Online Investment Program .
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