WeSendit Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam Ico?

WeSendit Ico Review: It Is Legit Or Scam Ico?

About WeSendit

WeSendit are a Swiss company from Zug #cryptovalley and have been the Swiss market leader in the transfer and processing of digital data for 10 years now. The Team are different talents united bythe same goal: A real, adequate protection for the privacy of the 3.5 million customers.

With decentralized Web 3.0 technologies, they are creating the data processing tools of a new generation. User-friendly, reliable and above all – secure. Several billion pieces of user data are traded worldwide every day. They are sold without the persons’ knowledge and misused for advertising purposes.

Token Basic Information

Token NameWeSendit Ico
Token SymbolWSI
Ico Price$0.017000
Token For Sale120,000,000 WSI
Personal Cap1USDT~50000USDT
Soft Cap$800,000
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The most successful companies and 3 million customers in over 150 countries use WeSendit

It all starts with security and data protection. That’s why millions of customers have been entrusting with their data every day for 10 years now. With the new WeSendit 3.0, we create decentralized solutions for data protection that finally deserve their name.

Earn token with your file sending

Data is the most valuable resource of time. As a symbol of the digitized world, they open up new opportunities for companies. With WeSendit Ico 3.0, premium users can completely anonymize their data management. Personal data? All central connections to banks or third-party providers will be eliminated and no longer be collected. In addition, you will automatically receive Cashflow for your data transfer. In video you will learn more about the massive advantages of the WeSendit token.

How do I earn token with my file sending?

Go to Wesendit.com and choose a Business or Premium account.

If you decide to pay with WeSendit tokens, you will get up to a 60% discount on our premium features.

The alternative: You register as before, pay for the features as usual with a credit card or PayPal and waive the 60% discount.

Connect to your Metamask or Trustwallet – WITHOUT entering any personal data!

Establish an active connection with your wallet and receive rewards from the Activity Pool for sending data.

Lucrative airdrops for WeSendit token holders

Directly after the Public Sale, they will publish the 1. Snapshot Date for Early Bird WeSendit Ico Token Holders. With another Snapshot Date announcement, they close the 1. Phase and distribute 30 million tokens out of 45 million tokens on a percentage basis based on the number of qualified token holders. A further 15 million is earmarked for the 2nd quarter. Airdrop Event reserved. But attention! You will be automatically disqualified if you sell or transfer your tokens during the the final Snapshop periods.

1. airdrop snapshot date to be announced after the public sale

*The snapshots are only taken for the $WSI tokens that are not locked. This prevents pump & dump and secures a fair distribution.

Early Token Holder (30 Million*)

  • 10,000 -149,999 Token (20% Airdrop)
  • 150,000 – 999,999 Token (30% Airdrop)
  • 1,000,000+ Token (50% Airdrop)

Token Holder (15 Million*)

2. airdrop snapshot date to be announced after public sale

  • 10,000 -149,999 Token (20% Airdrop)
  • 150,000 – 999,999 Token (30% Airdrop)
  • 1,000,000+ Token (50% Airdrop)

Your Swiss bank- and data secret

Security and reliability – as a Swiss company, they uphold country’s famous values even in the digital age. Switzerland has been known for centuries as a haven of security and reliability. WeSendit Ico continues this tradition. Headquarters and infrastructure are located in Switzerland. They are developing the data transfer of the future and taking it from the peaks of the Alps to new, unimagined heights.

Encrypted geo-redundant storage

Thanks to the cooperation with our Web 3.0 network partners, storage space restrictions are a thing of the past. Compared to the big cloud providers, you save up to 80% with WeSendit. They transmits the data over the network you select. For maximum security, the data is stored redundantly across thousands of availability zones worldwide.

With WeSendit token, you earn money While you sleep

Immediately after the Public Launch, we launch our Staking Program with an attractive annual return of up to 200% APR. Again, 8% of the Total Supply is reserved for the community.

They charge 1.5% on transactions between token holders. The stakers receive this share. Thanks to millions of users, a sustainable payout is made possible.

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