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What Is SphynxFi (SF)? Complete Guide & Review About SphynxFi

What Is SphynxFi (SF)?

SphynxFi is a platform that optimizes your wallet by telling you the optimum balance of different crypto currencies in your portfolio, automatically re-balancing them according to the market conditions. We use financial theory, machine learning, and data science to give a return on investment equivalent or higher than stocks or crypto trading in a broader span of time.

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameSphynxFi Coin
Short NameSF
Total Supply100,000,000
Max Supply100,000,000
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X Wallet

X Wallet is the first power user wallet that is launched as a web app and is different from most non-mobile wallets, which are browser extensions. We believe that installing a browser extension is a huge hurdle to both crypto newcomers and crypto-curious users coming from a tech background who may have security concerns related to extensions. An extension will be added later on for the sole purpose of enabling connection to dApps that do not support WalletConnect.


A place that allows you to manage crypto assets in a more convenient and intuitive way.

If you are too bored just looking at the numbers in your wallet without knowing if it is effectively allocating, which asset class is worth paying attention and monitoring?

For consumers with a large amount of tokens, it is really bad to count them with regular wallets.

The interface will include:

  • Statistical chart
  • Allocation rate of each cryptocurrency
  • Buttons allow convenient deposit and withdraw operations
  • Daily increase or decrease in assets

Wallet History

When you make a series of transactions for many days in a row, checking the transaction history through normal wallets will take a long time and there are no specific statistics.

X Wallet solves this problem for you through a history list with smartly displayed statistics.

The data will be fully updated including:

  • Time
  • Status
  • Amount
  • Currency Type
  • Txhash


Most wallets on the market only provide asset management solutions, so SphynxFi will support consumers to be able to exchange tokens between chains through Multi-chain Bridging.


Sphynx Staking helps NFT and non-NFT projects distribute their tokens to a wider audience, and enables crypto users and investors to generate attractive returns in the form of new tokens. This is an innovative solution that gives advantages to both users and quality crypto projects

Investors can earn new tokens within 30,60,90 days depending on which maturity is available. At that point farmers can instantly trade any tokens they earn from staking rewards.

The tokens that the farmers earn are distributed to them daily, and they can add or remove the tokens they have subscribed to the qualifying groups at any time.

Sphynx Staking is the simplest way to earn free tokens on SphynxFi.

Share $SF, earn free tokens. It’s really easy.

Contract Checker

Most projects start with an audit to convince investors of their intentions, then ramp up the promotions to reach as many investors as possible. They are able to steal the funds and flee as more and more investors join in. This is essentially what is going on around chains right now.


Total Supply: 100.000.000 SF

1% Core Team

5% Production Development

3% Marketing Fund

10% Reward Treasury

20% Reward Treasury 2

35% FairLaunch

19.95% Liquidity

5.05% CEX Listing

1% First CEX Listing


PHASE 1 Q3 – 2022

Market Research
Technical Testing

PHASE 2 Q4 – 2022

Website Build Up
SAFU contract processing
Fair Launch on Pinksale
Marketing with Big Partner
CMC and CGK Listing
CEX Listing
Sphynx Wallet Launching

PHASE 3 Q1 – 2023

New Technology Partner
Sphynx Staking Release
Contract Checker Features

PHASE 4 Q2 – 2023

Marketing Campaign Phase 2
Sphynx Wallet v2 Release
Contract Checker Mainnet

PHASE 5 Q3 – 2023

Multi-chain Bridging
New chain on Staking
Wallet Profiler Launching

PHASE 6 Q4 – 2023

NFTs Manager Features Release
Marketing Campaign Phase 3
Expansion of the ecosystem

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