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Zcost Hyip Review : It Is Scam Or Paying? Read Our Review

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About Zcost

Zcost like to keep things easy at Zcost! Discover how easy online investment trading can be with the smart and simple Zcost platform. They manage Bitcoin assets through investment in master node, arbitrage and trading. High hourly passive income is what is waiting for you. Whether you’re an active trader or long-term investor the platform gives you everything you need to place deposits, and manage your portfolio. Trade and invest how you want with access to a variety of investment choices. Select from hourly, daily, after plans and more to diversify your portfolio.

Zcost investment strategy is time-tested. But technology is the game changer. Zcost has a suite of investment strategies grounded in academic research and brought to life by software. They didn’t invent these strategies, but the technology has made them available to a new generation of investors. software executes these strategies better than a person ever could. No time, no work, no reasons left to procrastinate.

Zcost Whether you’re building an emergency fund, saving for a big expense like a down-payment, or holding on to funds until you are ready to invest, the high-interest investment account is a secure place to grow your cash and reach your short-term goals faster. Short-term because they offer high returns on an hourly basis. believe technology can handle some things better than people. Their software executes time-tested investment strategies, automatically looking for opportunities to improve your portfolio’s performance

Zcost Key Points

Min Investment$1.00
Mini Withdraw$0.02
Referral 7%-1%
Payment TypeInstant
Company TypeInvestment
E-Mail:[email protected]
Payment AcceptedBitcoin Perfect Money

Investment Plan Of Zcost

18% Hourly Profit

  • Forever
  • Minimum $1
  • Maximum $3,000

44% Hourly For 10 hours

  • Deposit Included
  • Minimum $10
  • Maximum $3,000

1450% After 1 day

  • Deposit Included
  • Minimum $30
  • Maximum $3,000

5800% After 3 days

  • Deposit Included
  • Minimum $50
  • Maximum $3,000

11600% After 5 days

  • Deposit Included
  • Minimum $50
  • Maximum $3,000

17000% After 7 days

  • Deposit Included
  • Minimum $50
  • Maximum $3,000

What Does Zcost Says On Their Website

Zcost manage Bitcoin assets through investment in master node, arbitrage and trading They have big plans for the future. This is only the beginning. With the added funds from investors we will expand the business more and more. There is basically no limit. Only one account is allowed from one computer or one IP address. Failing to do so, will result in immediate ban of your account. If you want to create another account, No, this feature is not available. If you entered an incorrect e-mail or lost access to your mailbox, the only solution is to register a new account with a new e-mail. Most likely, you are entering incorrect data (username or password), check it and try again. If the problem remains, reset your password, using a special function at the login page. Do not forget to check the spam folder, sometimes letters from the company can get there.

Zcost For example, you deposited $100. their system randomly selects a number between interval of 110 and 125 daily profit, as well as a random number in interval of 24 and 36 hours deposit term (inclusive). For example, this is 110% daily profit in 24 hours. After that system count your deposit clear profit from hourly earnings = 110%/24 hours=4.583%. So this is means that you deposited $100 and will get $4.583 (=4.583%) every hour until you get $110(=110% daily) of total profit. Every deposit has its own random profit and term value (every time different). Deposit principal included in earnings and not refundable.

Zcost Sign in to your account and in the section “Make a deposit” select an investment plan and specify the amount you would like to invest. The system will suggest you the payment address where you will need to send the exact amount Your deposit will be credited rather quickly. PerfectMoney and Payeer are instantly, but crypto currency payments may take some time. All operations are confirmed by the blockchain. Every single computer at the Encryption currency network confirms your operation, increasing the total number of confirmations. The require only 1 confirmation on the blockchain. This should take from 2 to 60 minutes.

All requests are processed instantly. But in some cases it can take up to 24 hours because of security measures. No you are free to use your affiliate link irrespective of whether you have deposited or not. Provided you have an account and have shared your affiliate link with prospective investors; you don’t have to do anything else. Your referral link is in the ‘Your Referral Links’ section of your account.

Why Choose Zcost

Fully Secured

Zcost make every effort for your deposit to be fully secured and to bring stable income. They can safely call the investments risk-free. They have a 2,000,000 pound sterling insurance fund to back up in the unlikely case of any losses.

Minimum Deposit

Zcost You can invest any amount from $1 to $10,000

Minimum Withdraw

Zcost For Payeer and Perfect Money it is $0.02. For Bitcoin it is $3. For other cryptocurrencies than bitcoin it is $0.25.

Referral Commission

Zcost company offers a two-level system of partnership rewards: 7% – 1%.

Customer Service

Zcost Top notch Customer Service ready to help and fix the issue no matter the time

Here Is Tips To Calculate RCB

  • For Example You Deposited 1000$ And Our Refback % Is 5% Than You Will Get 5% Of Deposited Amount .
  • Here Is Example – You Deposited At X Project 1000$ And We Offer 5% Refback
  • Than You Will Receive 1000×5% = 50$

Here Is Tips To Get Refback Commission

  • To Receive Referback Commission You Need To Join With Hyipstation Refer Link . Than Open Account At Investment Website . And Open Any Investment Of Your Choice . That Is All.
  • Once You Done Above Step Just Leave Your Username , Your Register Email Id , Investment Amount , Your Deposit Wallet Address Into Comment Box .
  • Once We Received Refback Request We Proceed Within 24 Hours .
  • If Customer Request Referback After 72 Hours , Than You Are Not Eligible To Receive Referback Commission From Hyipstation . So After Deposit Request Refer Back Request Before 72 Hours .

Notify Hyipstation Team About Error , Scam Project By Following Ways .

  • If You Found Any Error On This Project Than You Can Inform Us By Comment Section You Can Also Email At – [email protected] . Or Fill Contact Us Form
  • If You Think This Program Is Not Paying Than Inform Us By Comment Section .
  • Need Extra Details Than Write Your Comment In Comment Box .
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